After researching countless astrological charts related to war history, there was one common thread that continually arose: the Mars-Pluto signature.

Below are my notes and observations. For those interested, I’ve also added a few astrology chart examples.

A Mars-Pluto signature connects these two planets mathematically in an astrology chart.

The Mars-Pluto signature is often found in war charts, military personnel, powerful people and times of great stress and transformation.

Late Astrologer and German scientist Albert Ebertin describe the Mars-Pluto signature as superhuman power, extraordinary force, the attainment of one’s own objectives by means of ruthlessness, brutality, cruelty, violence, injuries.

There is currently a Mars-Pluto signature in our sky, which becomes exact on the upcoming new Moon in Pisces on 3 March.

Planet Neptune rules Pisces, and Neptune is currently sitting at 22 degrees within the zodiac.

The 22nd degree of the zodiac is described by renowned Astrologer Nikola Stojanovik as “to kill or be killed”.

Please remember that any date in history, not just a person’s birth chart, can have an astrology chart. Each chart is based on a moment in time, using the event’s latitude, longitude, time, date, and year.

Here are a few examples of astrology charts with a Mars-Pluto signature:

The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand that sparked WWI, 28 June 1914

WWII, 1 September 1939 (a wide connection)

Atomic bomb on Hiroshima, 6 August 1945

NATO, 4 April 1949

Ukraine and current astrology (transiting Mars and Pluto connects to Mars in Ukraine’s chart), 24 August 1991 and 3 March 2022

Moscow and current astrology (transiting Mars and Pluto connects to both Mars and Pluto in Moscow’s chart), 4 April 1147 and 3 March 2022

Afghan War, 7 October 2001

Birth chart of Joseph Stalin, 18 December 1878

Birth chart of Pol Pot, 19 May 1925

Birth chart of Osama Bin Laden, 10 March 1957

Birth chart of Vladimir Putin, 7 October 1957

Birth chart of Hitler (technically not a direct Mars-Pluto signature. But as Mars and Pluto are both contained in a stellium (a cluster of planets that places intense focus in one area of the chart), this indirectly connects both planets in Hitler’s chart, 20 April 1889

It’s important to mention that having a Mars-Pluto signature in your birth chart does not mean you are doomed! It can work to your advantage to conquer challenges. There’s also great potential for progress, personal power and influence. Still, this is where free will steps in – you always get to choose how to use your astrological DNA.

Additionally, it takes more than one singular factor to determine the outcome of an event or a person’s character. And, there are always more astrological layers to consider. That said, the Mars-Pluto signature does prove to be a significant contributing factor in the charts of war and warring personalities.

Some charts I researched did not have a Mars-Pluto signature, and I’ve omitted these charts from the above list for this reason. However, in these charts, a strong Mars or Pluto placement was present, such as a Mars-Sun or Pluto-Moon, for example.

In the case of Moscow and Ukraine’s chart, I have compared March’s new Moon using Sydney’s location and timezone, which makes no difference to the planetary placements.

I have used a noon time and a whole sign chart where no birth time was known. Again, this does not affect the planetary placements, only the houses.

The country and city chart data is taken from Marc Penfield’s book, “Horoscopes Of Europe”.

By Natasha Weber, PMAAAC, MAFA


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