SYDNEY: 7:38 pm, August 16

LONDON: 10:38 am, August 16

NEW YORK: 5:38 am, August 16

LOS ANGELES: 2:38 am, August 16

PERTH: 5:38 pm, August 16



As August’s new moon radiates through vibrant and audacious Leo, the cosmos encourages you to be a little braver in your relationships. Think of it like that push you need to move forward with courage in your heart and confidence in your soul.


But because Venus is still rewinding through Leo, the same sign that La Luna is illuminating, this isn’t about forcing things, or leaping into love and commitment without first doing your due diligence.


Venus typically advises introspection over initiation while in retrograde, but this lunation is ripe for actions born from genuine insights.


So, if you move ahead wisely, thoughtfully, and tune into what your heart is telling you, you can harness the courage of the Lion and make headway with any recent relationship insights or opportunities.


In the coming two weeks, you might find your connections evolving in surprising, beautiful ways. Maybe that casual friend becomes someone you confide in, or perhaps a fling starts feeling more like the real thing. If that sounds like your life right now, take this cosmic hint: dive deeper and see where your heart leads you.


For couples who have weathered life’s storms together, La Luna heralds a new beginning. Now is an opportune moment to embark on a joint venture or rejuvenate the dynamics of your relationship.


This could manifest in a commitment to more transparent communication, scheduling regular romantic evenings, or implementing any other positive shifts to foster and cherish the bond you share.


If you and your partner are at a stalemate where commitment is concerned, an open conversation might reveal that you both are more aligned towards a shared future than you thought.


It might seem impulsive to suggest forging ahead in matters of the heart when Venus is in retrograde. Yet, the tight alignment of this Leo new moon and Venus champions romantic new beginnings and fresh perspectives.


By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash


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