19 February – 20 March


SYMBOL: The Fish

RULING PLANETS: Jupiter and Neptune

COLOUR: Aqua and sea green

BODY: Lymphatic system, feet, body fluids


Those born under the sign of the Fish are often creatively gifted with a natural talent for art and music. You are the visionaries of the zodiac, dreaming about a utopian world where no pain, cruelty or ugly behaviour exists. Possessing the emotional depth and compassion of a spiritual guru, your wisdom is unsurpassed. Psychic insights come naturally to you and as a result your intuition is usually spot on. Your best qualities are your kindness, vivid imagination and your heart of gold. As for weaknesses, you can be anxious, overly sensitive and out of touch with reality.

The word Pisces comes from the Latin word for “fish” and the symbol is two fish swimming head to tail in a circle, representing the duality of nature.

Pisces is a water sign, indicating a perpetual state of fluidness, able to adapt to most situations. To others, you can come across as a deep ocean of mystery, a human enigma or a wild child with flowers in her hair.

Career and Money:

Pisceans blossom in careers that require creativity and helping other people, as you tend to be less concerned about how much money you earn and more about a career path which you find rewarding. A job that resonates with you will bring out your best efforts. However, in an unfulfilling job you can become unreliable, flaky and withdrawn. Due to your creative and compassionate nature, you may consider a career that focuses on charity or the arts.

When it comes to money you generally don’t give it too much thought as you are more focused on your aspirations, goals and dreams. At times however, you can be in two minds about money, either spending recklessly or becoming quite stingy. 


In relationships you are understanding, romantic and faithful. You need to feel an authentic connection with your partner on all levels; emotional, spiritual and physical to feel completely comfortable. In the bedroom, you are a sensitive and generous lover. There is a tendency to idealise your partner which can lead to you being taken advantage of. A little assertiveness will help to overcome this.


You are most compatible with your water sign tribe. Cancer and Scorpio just get you and ache to explore the depths of your emotional landscape, much to your satisfaction. Taurus and Capricorn are also good romantic options, helping to keep you grounded. Steer clear of Geminis and Sagittarians; they will seem like they are from a different planet altogether.

Pisces are also compatible with other Fish, as they understand each other on an almost telepathic level.

Family and Friendship:

Towards your clan, you are loyal, gentle and attentive. You hate conflict and will take on the role of peacemaker during family disputes. While you are the first to lend a hand, you can sometimes find it difficult to accept help from others as you don’t want to be a burden.

Because of your empathic nature you tend to know right away if friends are having problems and you will do everything in your power to help. Too often, you will put the needs of others ahead of your own. 


Fish can be prone to bouts of depression and anxiety. Although it’s not a magic bullet, exercise has been found to be an effective panacea, as it produces dopamine. Finding a fitness routine, sport or activity will help to brush away cobwebs and lift your spirits.

Pisceans have particularly sensitive (and ticklish) feet, so proper fitting shoes are essential. Dry skin brushing with natural bristles gets your glow on by activating your lymphatic system, which can become sluggish for Fish that lead a sedentary lifestyle.

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By Natasha Weber @astrotash