Jupiter and Uranus Say “Thank God it’s Over!”

The big astro news for September is that Jupiter and Uranus will oppose each other in the heavens, creating a massive release of cosmic energy. This only happens once every 12 years!

The final opposition between these two planetary heavyweights is the last in a series of three, that began in December 2016, repeated in March 2017 and now the cycle will be completed on 28 September 2017.

How this affects you personally, depends upon whether either planet triggers your birth chart. If you think back to the aforementioned dates and notice a pattern or repeating theme – bullseye! You can expect more of the same, along with a final resolution by month’s end.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, optimism and expansion. Whilst Uranus symbolises sudden change, rebellion and happenings out of the blue. The result of these two planets in a confrontational stand-off could be a fortunate turn of events that takes you by complete surprise.

“Thank God it’s over!” is a term often used to describe a Jupiter/Uranus connection by astrologers.

Perhaps new horizons have been beckoning but you are having trouble leaving the security of a stable job? Or you are finding it difficult to motivate yourself out of a situation that has kept you feeling down, unappreciated and confined. If an urge for freedom and a desire to break away from restriction is gnawing at your core, you will be wanting this dynamic planetary duo to be activating your chart. You are in luck if you have a planet in your birth chart positioned between 22 – 29 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn.

If you are one of the fortunate few affected by this cosmic combo, then you can expect an increase in freedom, abundance and optimism (who doesn’t want more of that?) Jupiter and Uranus don’t usually go down quietly but for some the effects may be expressed internally; manifesting as a positive shift in the way you perceive a tough situation. You may simply have blissful realisation or epiphany.

Additionally, Jupiter connects with the auspicious fixed star Spica one week prior to it’s opposition to Uranus. Spica brings further positive influence, adding the possibility of success, protection and ingenious ideas to the mix.

So, if this Jupiter and Uranus opposition triggers your birth chart, get excited because the Universe wants to give you the gift of a brilliant opportunity.

By Natasha Weber PMAAAC, MAFA @astrotash


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