Full Moon in Pisces – Romantic Nostalgia or Deluded Perceptions?

Sydney: 6 September, 5:04 pm

New York: 6 September, 3:04 am

London: 6 September, 8:04 am

This Full Moon in 13 degrees of Pisces speaks of heightened sensitivity, deception and emotions that are shrouded in confusion.

If you have planets in your natal chart between 8 and 18 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius you could be feeling particularly sensitive and emotionally overwhelmed with this Full Moon. You may find yourself in a vulnerable position that requires you to dig deep, in order to make sense of conflict between your head and heart.

Neptune aligns with this Full Moon and as Neptune also rules Pisces there is a double whammy of surreal, dreamy energy in the air. Neptune brings fuzzy logic, disillusionment and perceptions that are not based on fact. The problem is, we may think we have all the information we need, only to later realise this was not the case.

This Full Moon may beckon you to a person or situation that replicates a movie set, in all it’s glorious illusion and romantic nostalgia. And whilst your imagination is seducing you, there is a danger of getting so lost that you forget what is real and what is not.

You may think something is as it seems, when in fact it is something (or someone) completely different. In this case, your best course of action is to plant your feet firmly on the ground and not get carried away with the fairies until the cloudy energy of this Full Moon passes. When the fog has dissipated you can make better decisions that are based in realistic expectation, with a crystal clear understanding of what you are signing yourself up for.

Taking off your rose-coloured glasses and seeing something or someone as they truly are, may not be as alluring as you had hoped. But isn’t it better to know all the pros and cons of what you are dealing with?

The trick to surviving this Full Moon is to enjoy the ride, as long as you remember when to get off!

Natasha Weber @astrotash


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