SYDNEY: 7:18 pm, February 27th
NEW YORK: 3:18 am, February 27th
LONDON: 8: 18 am, February 27th

Each new and full moon, all eyes are on La Luna’s zodiacal position, energy and meaning. However, it is crucial to remember that without the sun, the moon cannot transition through its phases. The Sun and Moon work as a team as the ultimate heavenly collaboration.

March sees La Luna fully illuminated by the Sun on February 27th, in the sign of Virgo. Yet, the sun also offers pearls of wisdom during this full moon. And this month, the sun is in a mighty powerful position, alongside Venus in carefree Pisces.

While the moon highlights a need for organisation, structure and perfection, the sun asks you to let go of all that nonsense – and this month, the sun is winning!

This full moon’s message focuses on releasing the need for perfect order. Control isn’t a necessary requirement for happiness and fulfilment.

Rather than exhausting yourself trying to keep all the balls in the air, allow a few of them to drop. In doing so, you may realise that your world won’t collapse. And you’ll actually be more relaxed. Maybe you’ll even laugh at yourself, which turns out to feel damn good and better for your overall health.

To hell with perfection! Does it genuinely exist anyway? The sun in dreamy Pisces reminds you that it’s all a facade. So, don’t buy into the illusion. Over the next few days, the cosmos helps you to go with the flow as no planets are in retrograde – easy peasy! The trouble is, when you insist on pursuing your agenda, it could drive you to your own detriment. Desire is a force to be reckoned with and can be tough to resist. Still, if something has to be forced, this full moon gently suggests that perhaps it’s just not meant to be.


By Natasha Weber @astrotash