SYDNEY: 11:40 pm, March 7

LONDON: 12:40 pm, March 7

NEW YORK: 7:40 am, March 7

LOS ANGELES: 4:40 am, March 7

PERTH: 8:40 pm, March 7

It’s time to up the ante, as this full moon in Virgo presents a rare opportunity to aim for excellence. La Luna wants you to dig deep and uncover the epic ambitions that are buried deep within your mind and heart.

But…and there’s a but…It’s important to keep in mind that with great dreams come great responsibilities. Intellectual Mercury ruling this lunation adds a rational twist to the story, reminding you to not let your imagination run wild at the expense of practicality.

So, while it’s important to shoot for the stars, it’s equally important to stay grounded and focused on the task at hand. This is especially true if you’re embarking on a new fitness routine, a healthier diet, or rejigging your daily routine and habits.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed or lost when mapping out your future, but the practical and super sensible Virgo energy that’s prevalent this week will help you stay on track. 

La Luna encourages you to take a step back and carefully consider your next move. It reminds you to approach your goals with a methodical and analytical mindset, taking measured steps towards our desired outcome.

So, March’s full moon grants a rare opportunity to set – and achieve – higher standards for yourself. However, it’s important to approach your ambitions with a balanced mindset that incorporates both hopefulness and common sense. 

Raise the bar, but don’t forget to keep your feet on the ground, and this grounded lunation will guide you towards immeasurable success.


By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash


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