SYDNEY: 11:33 am, December 27

LONDON: 12:33 am, December 27

NEW YORK: 7:33 pm, December 26

LOS ANGELES: 4:33 pm, December 26

PERTH: 8:33 am, December 27



As December’s full moon illuminates the nurturing cosmic Crab, it brings a sense of coming home. This isn’t just about a physical space but a return to what’s most important to you: your family, your roots, and the unconditional love of your closest circle. It’s a time when the phrase “home is where the heart is” resonates more deeply than ever.


This full moon is special. It forms an auspicious alignment with Jupiter, the planet often seen as a benevolent guardian angel. Jupiter’s influence expands whatever it touches, and in this case, it magnifies the warmth and generosity within your relationships.


Under this lunation, you may find your emotions are intensified. Feelings that you usually keep under wraps could bubble to the surface. It’s important to honour these heightened emotions as you step into the new year because, over the next two weeks, your heart needs to take the lead over your head.


This period is an invitation to embrace the big feels – the good, the bad and the ugly – even if they seem overwhelming. It’s okay to make decisions based on what you feel rather than solely relying on rational thought. In fact, this moon encourages you to lean into your intuition and trust where your emotions are guiding you.


With this full moon in Cancer, your focus naturally shifts to what provides you comfort and security. There’s a strong pull towards the sanctuary of home, where you can be your most authentic self, surrounded by those who adore and accept you for you. It’s a time for nurturing connections (especially with your mother and grandmother), heartfelt conversations (but no ultimatums, please, as Mercury is still retrograde), and reconnecting with your roots.


As you navigate this emotionally charged lunar landscape, remember that sensitivity and vulnerability are strengths, not weaknesses. They allow you to connect more deeply and understand your needs more clearly. So, use this full moon in empathetic Cancer to chart a clear, heart-led course into the New Year.

By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash


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