​SYDNEY: 8:43 am, January 25

​NEW YORK: 4:43 pm, January 24

​LONDON: 9:43 pm, January 24

​2020 kicks off with La Luna beginning her brand new monthly phase in the sign of Aquarius. And, the themes associated with this new Moon influence the awakening of the global consciousness boom.

​Sustainability, climate change and world peace all play a big part in this new Moon’s story. We’ll likely be seeing increasing reports on these topics as they link with Aquarian themes and are crucial to our evolution and ultimately, humankind’s salvation.

​We are witnessing this at play right now when we sit to watch the evening worldwide news; with Australia burning, Greta Thunberg’s clash with Trump over climate change, and the critical conflict between America and the Middle East, to name a few.

​Having outlined some of the dark and gloomy aspects associated with this new Moon, I won’t forget for a moment that I believe my purpose is to point the way towards the light, and what we can actually do about it through the lens of astrology.

​Given that Pluto and Saturn’s meet-up in Capricorn is also involved in this story (you’ve heard me banging on about this already). The cosmos’ push to make tough choices to create positive change underpins this entire picture. So… how do you fit in and what can you really do about it anyway?

​If you have a planet in your chart around 4 degrees of Aquarius, then these ideas are likely to resonate strongly with you. If you’re an Aquarian, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio the same applies. Capricorns have a unique role to play too. One strong example is Greta Thunberg, who is a Capricorn. Still, not everyone is going to be an activist or a mouthpiece for the underdogs. Nevertheless, you are essential in the whole scheme of things and can do your bit to serve humanity.

​The key is to begin in your own backyard. Start by raising awareness within your family and educate your children, serve your local community in a meaningful way, support farmers by buying their produce, or plant a tree. You can do a little bit to help, and then you will never be helpless.