I was thrilled to connect with Hong Kong’s darling, Amanda Strang, to read her birth chart.

AQUARIUS SUN True to her fiercely independent Aquarian Sun, Amanda dances to the beat of her own drum. Her unique French/Taiwanese looks broke stereotypical moulds in modelling and acting arenas from a young age. Gifted with Aquarian super-intelligence, Amanda was a high school math genius! With her Sun sign falling in the zone of food and nourishment, it makes sense that Amanda has also gained great acclaim as a pastry chef.

ARIES MOON Amanda’s Moon placement gives her a fiercely competitive edge. She’s courageous and motivated to succeed, with the smarts to conquer whatever she takes on (she has a Sun/Mercury meet-up in Aquarius). Still, she can be too quick to give her heart away to people and projects that pique her passion.

LEO NORTH NODE Amanda has a regal presence with a dash of drama. Her soul purpose is to learn to prioritise her needs more often and that being a little selfish is sometimes a good thing! She’s encouraged to follow her heart song and pursue her many creative talents. This Nodal position is also associated with powerful leadership qualities.

With a fire grand trine currently activating Amanda’s progressed chart, I predict big things for this elegant and talented beauty.

By Natasha Weber @astrotash