October 23 – November 21




SYMBOL: The Scorpion


RULING PLANET: Pluto and Mars


COLOUR: Crimson and black


BODY PARTS: Reproductive system, sex organs and elimination system




Scorpios are intense, passionate, and powerful. With emotions that run as deep as the ocean floor, your loyalty no knows bounds. However, if threatened, you can inflict a disabling sting with your notorious Scorpion tail. But to those that are trustworthy, you’re insanely protective. Infamous for your ruthlessness, you will uncompromisingly cut off people that cross you. Hell hath no fury like a Scorpio scorned! Jealousy and suspicion can be your undoing and sometimes, you need to reign in your obsessive tendencies. All that said, you are often misunderstood, as your intensity stems from a great depth of feeling and dedication to your loved ones. Always resourceful, you make the best of any situation you find yourself in. As for weaknesses, you can be unforgiving and downright manipulative.


Those born under the sign of Scorpio have exceptional perceptive abilities, seeking the hard-cold truth without the sugar coating.



Career and Money:

In the workplace, you are a motivated employee, completely and thoroughly engaged, doing nothing by halves. You have a talent for problem-solving because you’ll dig deep until you uncover the root cause of the issue. As a worker, you’re independent and industrious, able to focus on the task at hand. Once you’ve set a goal, you never give up, keeping your eyes on the prize at all times. Working in solitude doesn’t faze you, as you do your best work alone. Due to your ambitious nature and fascination with all things mysterious, suitable jobs include psychologist, funeral director, spiritual advisor, debt collector, medical researcher and detective.

Scorpios have a knack with finances. You rarely break the bank, preferring to stick to a strict budget. Squirrelling away some savings for a rainy day is a must. With a firm dedication to your purpose, you strive to improve your financial position and steadily grow your money tree. While you certainly enjoy indulging in the occasional luxury, you are not inclined to overspend.




In relationships, you are intriguing, alluring, and sensual. It’s all about mutual trust and deep intimacy for the Scorpio lover. Once you fall in love, you tend to fall hard, becoming so immersed that outside distractions and the rest of the world seem to disappear. In the bedroom, you are a mistress of seduction, putting the ‘S’ in sexy. The most negative characteristic you have in relationships is jealousy, especially in the early stages of a relationship when insecurity often plagues you.




Your water sign crew is a perfect fit. Cancers and Pisces share your emotional depth and sensitivity. An earthy Taurus is also a great match due to their honesty, sensuality and grounding influence. You won’t tolerate Aquarians. Their icy manner is far too logical for your passionate approach to life and love. And Leos won’t put up with your secrets.


Great sex and communication are guaranteed with another Scorpio, but you could bring out the worst in each other if your combined intensity becomes dark and unhealthy.



Family and Friendship

Scorpios value their independence and are often considered the black sheep of the family. Your lifestyle choices may come across as a little bohemian, and family members won’t always understand you. Capable of forming a near-psychic connection with your children, you can tune in, instantly knowing when something is troubling them.


A devoted friend, you prefer to spend quality time amongst a trusted few within your inner circle. Friends know they can rely on you to keep their secrets without judgment. You can’t help but dive into a person’s personality, sussing out what makes them tick. While you do enjoy meeting new people, you detest superficial small talk, preferring deeper, more meaningful connections that last a lifetime. Able to pick up on subtle facial expressions, friends find it hard to hide their true feelings from you.




The reproductive system and sex organs are governed by your sign, Scorpio. Making it all the more important to keep up to date with cervical examinations and for men, prostate checks. Be extra vigilant about preventing STDs by practising safe sex. You possess excellent powers of recuperation, and your ability to regenerate when in a stress-free environment is outstanding.


Earth-shattering sex is your physical activity of choice. Providing swinging from the rafters elevates your heart rate and puts a glow in your cheeks, go for it! Avoid alternating bouts of constipation and diarrhea by consuming plenty of fibre, nuts and seeds. Adding a broad-spectrum probiotic and lashing of organic yoghurt will help you to stay regular.


By Natasha Weber @astrotash



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