November 22 to December 21




SYMBOL: The Archer




COLOUR: Indigo and plum


BODY PARTS: Liver, gall bladder, hips and thighs




Sagittarians are optimistic and adventurous. A free-spirited bohemian, you are the most likely of all zodiac signs to travel the world. Your thirst for knowledge drives you to explore different philosophies and religions, and you have a deep affection for multi-cultural people and places. You are on an eternal quest for truth, possessing a strong belief system that you are willing to fight for to uphold. Being a spontaneous soul, you often make decisions in the spur of the moment. Amongst your best qualities are honesty, positivity and a firm set of principles. As for weaknesses, you can be blunt, preachy and often do things to excess.


Your zodiac symbol is the mythical centaur archer, possessing the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse. Like you, the archer aims it’s arrows high, towards new ideas, concepts, and schools of thought.


Jupiter, the god of the sky and thunder, is your planetary ruler. Jupiter represents the abstract mind, higher learning and ideology. An intellectual with many different interests, always learning and teaching others.


Career and Money:

In the workplace, you enjoy finding solutions to enigmatic challenges. Your inquisitive mind hungers to learn as much as possible about your chosen career. This is a definite asset but keep that ego in check. Especially if you believe your knowledge is superior to your bosses. Thanks to your brilliant gift of the gab, you could sell ice to the Eskimos! Your love of learning, travel and a desire to see justice served sees you in the following suitable career choices: flight attendant, foreign affairs consultant, tour guide, travel blogger, professional athlete, judge, teacher or legal secretary.


The eternal optimist, you don’t worry too much about where your next paycheck is coming from. Easy come, easy go is often your money motto. You’re more concerned about doing what you love. For you, it’s vital to pursue passion projects and entrepreneurial pursuits that make your heart sing, provided they are in line with your principles. As the most fortunate sign of the zodiac, Lady Luck has your back and your bank balance.



At the first buds of a blossoming romance, you are reluctant to fully commit unless ample freedom comes as part of the package. This doesn’t mean you desire more than one true love; you just need a little space to do your own thing. Anything less would emotionally suffocate you. A clever wit, enquiring mind and an athletic body turn you on. In the bedroom, you are enthusiastic and giving. Once you find a suitable partner, who offers you enough diversity, independence, and stimulation, you have no problem being a faithful and devoted partner.



You share a magnetic attraction to Gemini, your zodiac polar opposite. Together, you could travel to all the corners of the world; enriching your minds while falling madly in love. The flames of passion burn bright with Aries and Leo. But stay away from Virgo who dulls your adventurous spirit. And Pisces just feels like a ball-and-chain around your ankle.



Family and Friendship:

Towards family, you are honest, protective, and accommodating. Sometimes too much so, as your generosity knows no bounds when it comes to your loved ones. At times, you can be insensitive and appear holier than thou, much to the frustration of your relatives. You won’t hesitate to question family customs if they seem outdated, preferring to create your own traditions instead.


In friendships, you are open-minded, encouraging and kind. Friends see you as a wise teacher, and you enjoy sharing skills and information with them. Impatience can get the better of you, so a little tolerance and humility will serve you well. With a tendency to see the goodness in everyone, you are always inspiring them to do their best.




Generally speaking, you are blessed with good health. Lucky you! You are born into a robust physical body with a naturally strong immune system. The one thing your wellbeing is in danger of is you! Often pushing yourself to your limits, you can place yourself under immense stress, depleting your reserves. Being prone to weight gain, you do need to curb your penchant for fatty foods and sugary beverages. A regular juice fast would give your liver and gall bladder a much-needed rest, and as your sign rules both organs, you would gain more benefit from a detox than other zodiac signs. Later in life, your hips can give you a bit of trouble. Include plenty of calcium and glucosamine in your diet to keep your joints flexible and supple, well into old age.

By Natasha Weber @astrotash