SYDNEY: 3:34 am, May 6

LONDON: 6:34 pm, May 5

NEW YORK: 1:34 pm, May 5

LOS ANGELES: 10:34 pm, May 5

PERTH: 1:34 am, May 6



What can you uncover by digging deeper?


This Saturday, a full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio emphasises not only intimacy issues and money but also personal growth and the collective’s evolution.


Reflect on the past year, specifically May and October. Did you experience recurring themes or relationship challenges? Because these issues may resurface.

This eclipse in mysterious Scorpio delivers personal progress, but you’ll have to do the shadow work to claim it. And Scorpio never serves up anything trivial – it’s time to face your demons.


Toss shallow people and superficial relationships to the curb and embrace the ones who truly understand and embrace you. Even if, at your core, you’re a bit imperfect, wrong or downright ugly at times. This Scorpio eclipse challenges you to love yourself, warts and all. Do that, and you’ll crack the code to self-improvement in ways you’ve never imagined.


And, if possible, avoid planning major events, signing documents or organising important meetings. Although eclipses can bring positive outcomes, they also tend to disrupt and initiate change, which isn’t always smooth sailing.


Real personal progress is possible, but you must be willing to get your hands dirty, practice self-reflection and face your challenges head-on. And remember, serious self-reflection and a willingness to look your challenges in the eye are the prerequisites to personal advancement and transformation this eclipse.


So, ask yourself, will you rise like a phoenix from the ashes and soar to new heights or hide out in the comfort of your cocoon until the eclipse dust settles?


Both are fine options, but if you feel in your bones that change is overdue in your bones, then be a phoenix.

By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash


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